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About Us

Elder Law Associates, PLLC was formed to assist families with the sometimes frightening legal problems that affect seniors and their families.  J. Randal Tomblin, a former business executive and attorney, have combined years of legal and business experience to serve seniors and their families dealing with issues of an aging population.

Elder Law is an emerging legal field that includes estate planning, incapacity issues, conservatorships, housing and nursing home advice, Medicaid eligibility planning, elder abuse issues and related topics such as probate of estates that become increasingly important as we grow older or become disabled. Our mission is to assist families with legal problems that affect seniors and their families when they are forced to deal with issues of failing health and long-term care needs. 

An elderly person and his family faced with illness or incapacity confronts not only medical, but also financial and family issues as well. Whether the client needs Medicaid eligibility planning to protect assets or traditional estate planning, we can help make it happen and provide a level of comfort in knowing that the elder person’s future needs will be met.